About the company

Arboreal was established in 2001 to offer the Blue Mountains/Southern Georgian Bay region with an arboriculture firm to provide tree care of the highest standard.

We provide complete tree services ranging from consulting and analysis to pruning and removals, while offering personnel that are highly trained within their specialized field to complete these services. Our collective passion for trees, coupled with our science based practices has created a company platform which provides a balance to address the needs of trees, their direct environment, and those who are responsible for them.

Certified arborists on staff ensure that the prescribed action for trees in our care is carried out to the highest level, while maintaining a professional membership with ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) ensures we keep abreast of the latest techniques and research in our field.

Our equipment compliments our professional team by being up to date and meeting or exceeding the standards set for our industry. From large items such as using modern well maintained engines in our equipment to ensure efficiency and environmental responsibility, to important smaller details such as our use of biodegradable bar oil for our chainsaws so that no petroleum products are left at your site.

Our methodology is based in responsibility, respect and accountability towards the living organisms on which we practice our craft and to the clients who have chosen to use our services.

Our Services


From report writing for construction projects and tree appraisals, to preservation solutions we look forward to presenting you with the pertinent information regarding your site.



When trees are stressed in their environment it is essential to perform the correct analysis prior to prescribing a treatment, hence we provide soil, foliar, and structural analysis to gain a complete understanding of the trees condition and needs.

Nutrient Applications:

In circumstances where soil nutrient values are imbalanced and can be corrected with aid of a fertilization program, we propose a tailored and individually prescribed nutrient application. Our recommendations are focused on treatments which will enable the tree to gain its balance within its root zone while the diminution based program allows the target plant to be taken off the program within an average of three growing seasons.


Formative-For young and establishing trees it is important that the developing form and structure meet its species potential so as to be able to withstand the stresses (both structural and biological) that it will encounter in its environment. Hence this pruning eliminates poorly developing growth habit while encouraging a strong form individualized to the species at hand.

Form and Structure-Once trees have become more established the pruning focuses on maintaining the trees canopy balance. Hence limbs/stems which are growing past their holding potential are reduced, dead wood removed and diseased branches are identified and removed (or treated). Arboreal arborists use the safest aerial climbing gear (for climber and tree) to efficiently and safely ascend and perform the canopy care.

Crown/Canopy Structural Aids:

When trees which have not been maintained develop poor structure, and pruning alone cannot mitigate the potential failure of stems or limbs we offer aids to structure such as dynamic cables and static braces. These are individualized according to the trees needs and require follow up inspections and care as the tree continues to develop.


Every living organism must pass; when trees die and removal is required Arboreal offers its professional team to perform the task. Using advanced rigging techniques and modern equipment we ensure that the trees surroundings are left undisturbed and safe. Whether the tree must be completely removed or a portion can remain for wildlife habitat, is site specific and is one of the options offered. Complete clean up to ensure there is no debris left behind is to be expected at every site where an Arboreal project has been completed.

Stump Grinding:

If the stump is to be removed it can be ground to desired depths according to the planned use of the area going forward. Stump grinding chips can then either be removed from site or be left upon request for use as natural mulch if the tree was not diseased.

  • Tobias,
    Thank you for a job well done. We look forward to spring to see how the trees bounce back.
    We thoroughly enjoyed watching and working with your team. They are true professionals, they are proud of their craft. They are all hard working team players and have safety as a first priority. They are so fit , they climb like Olympic athletes.
    Clean up was appreciated
    The cheque is in the mail !
    Merry Xmas

    Ron and Kristina Charles
  • Hi Tobias,
    Thank you so much for the work your crew did! I was so impressed with the care they took, their efficiency and the clean up! Many, many thanks to them all.
    And, thank you too for the cost reduction - very appreciated!
    Have a very happy holiday season and thank you.

    Ann Chrisholm
  • Thank you Arboreal Tree Care for your outstanding service and client care. This is our first house and our first experience having to take care of trees. We are so fortunate to have found and worked with your company. Every transaction, from the initial estimate to completed work, was professional, courteous, timely and competent. I was impressed by the level of your team work, and clear communication throughout the process. We are particularly grateful for your clean up: the team left our yard in better condition, than when they arrived! I would have no hesitation recommending your company to family and friends, with highest recommendation.

    Irene and Jackson
  • Hello Tobias,
    What splendid treatment and surgery you and the Arboreal crew gave to our maple trees!
    Many thanks and much appreciation to all. A special note of gratitude and recognition to the thoughtful care your team gave to our property and gardens.
    With warm regards,

  • Just to let you know your guys did a fabulous Job.
    Pleasant to have around, professional and paid great attention to detail.
    The cleanup was perfect!
    Many thanks

    Lynn Armstrong
  • You and your crew did a great job – on time and very tidy. Also we are delighted that you price came in under estimate!
    We will certainly recommend you to our friends and neighbours.

    Thank you for the info regarding Willowstone. Nancy Hart
Our Team

Arboreal Tree Care Team

Andreas Gnaedig
Certified Arborist

Kyle Lamont
Certified Arborist

Peter Wilson
Arborist Apprentice

James Houghton
Arborist Apprentice

Dylan Branget
Arborist Apprentice

Tobias Effinger

Owner / Certified Arborist
Owner / Certified Arborist
"He who is prudent, accordingly declines all distracting claims upon his time, and limits himself to a single branch and becomes expert in one thing."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"You get tragedy where the tree, instead of bending, breaks."

Ludwig Wittgenstein